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Translators from all over the globe, working in over 150 different languages, have found a place for themselves at Technovate Translations. By completing our registration and application process successfully, you will be given access to a large, constantly refreshing bank of translation projects. Technovate Translations is a fast-growing translation agency, and we are in constant need of skilled translators capable of working with material of varied complexity.

Hiring Freelance Translators and Interpreters

Technovate Translations has become a successful and constantly growing translation agency for two key reasons: We work with top quality translators, and we make sure we can handle anything our clients need from us. We specialize in providing our clients with translation of complex documents in a number of different fields, including finance, medicine, engineering and law. Another facet of our success is our ability to complete translation projects in a fraction of the time other agencies would take. We offer premium services to clients who need translation work completed in emergency situations, overnight and over the weekend. We also handle a large amount of more basic translation work including general document translation, website content translation, and official document translation, such as birth and marriage certificates, and passports.

Because of the fast-paced, and/or complex nature of the work we focus on – we seek out translators with a variety of specialties. We look for translators with backgrounds in professional fields such as law, medicine and engineering, who are capable of handling detailed documents and industry-specific terminology. We also look for translators capable of working very speedily, who are available to accept and complete projects on a moment's notice, at all times of day. Speed and content knowledge are not the only factors we consider when we bring new translators into our organization – the most important thing we look for is high quality work. If you are a highly skilled translator, we want you on our team!

It's easy to apply to work as a translator with Technovate Translations. Just fill out our online application form, upload your résumé, along with samples of your work. You will be asked to translate a short piece of text to prove your aptitude in your main translation language. If you meet our requirements, we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.






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